AK Fitness in Longview TX has a newly designed website

AK Fitness specializes in sprains and strains of all joints, from athletes to couch potatoes, workers to unemployed or retired, involving accidents or acute/chronic injuries. They treat from head to foot anyone having pain, anxiety, depression or insomnia, or in need of custom orthotics for foot problems.

AK Fitness accepts most insurance and liens. The gym and pool may be used by all clients. We offer spinal care including cervical and lower back traction, SI Joint relief, and basic spinal care therapies, including inversion therapy, neuropathy therapy, sports injury therapy and much more. To find out how AK Fitness can help you, go to www.aktherapy.com or call 903-663-6332.

Also, check out their DME store located next door for all your medical equipment needs. In addition, they cater to the medical profession by offering a significant discount on all scrubs and lab coats.
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